What is a starseed hybrid you say?

A starseed hybrid is a galactic, inter-dimensional super being human that has multiple characteristics and abilities from multiple types of supernatural gods and goddesses a like. There is a free flowing energy in our system that matches our DNA to hold these special abilities. Once the DNA is ignited, “reawakened”, and re-integrated into our system our abilities metastasize. As our consciousness grows we gain the vast knowledge of the universe.

We belong to the stars (Que music) and have different sub categories and origins of where our home tribes reside. Each soul group has a different classification. Our divine make up consists of higher dimensional God like structures which are uniquely formatted and programmed into our genetic make up. Each integral system connects us to our ascended masters along with a long line of ancestral energy and placement into the beginning of creation. The oldest of the oldest.

Each and every one of us has multiple timelines and multiple past lives. Each section within our past lives has a duality, a good and a bad, a yin version and a yang version of ourselves. It is very apparent in our energy to see shadow and light co inside between us especially super hybrids that is why we are so uniquely formatted. This program does not get altered. The only way it gets altered is your choices now in the physical timeline you are currently living in. Each course of action that we take in matters of the heart can alter our fate.

Super hybrids were there from the beginning of creation. Some of us actually think that it was the Nephilim (Offspring of the sons of Gods) that started it all the birthing process, however we started out as key notes on a scale of musical instruments that is coded into the DNA. The scale is of DO, RAE, ME, FA, SO, LA, TI, DO, EL, and others. The sound frequencies were molded into energy super charged patterns that as we each individually got coded into the angelic grid we grew into the Seraphim and Ophanim. These key notes are the beginning of the angelic grid system also known as The Flower of Life. We started out as geometric shapes. We, like I was saying earlier are a free flowing energy system. These key components that rest inside of us allow us to create passionately and understand the universe’s secrets in all the dimensions and layers both inner and outer awareness. There are some old souls that didn’t come into existence until Lemuria and Atlantis and even later. All of us go through a birthing system stemming from the Nephilim race that started the experiments to interbreed. The interbreeding between races was trial and error. That is a whole other subject matter on its own.

Aliens were once thought of angels and demons and this is very very true. WE are also shifters, witches, and other supernatural creatures all rolled into one super being. The highest classification of the angelic realm is the Seraphim hold the highest order of all knowledge. As the breeding process got broken down into the giants, Nephilim of the universe they went through each star system as super hybrids. The story unfolds as each Arch Angelic had to find who their male and female counterparts were in each time they were procreated. As we did this we trained. In the beginning women were not allowed to train. We were trained because there was a lesser evil.

Super hybrids are very special individuals. Most of us are mystics and other incarnated earth angels. As we tap deeper into our knowledge and are led by our guides and ascended masters we unlock these keys.  These keys are what generate us into going into the next dimensions into ascension process. These keys come up as messages into our psyche and subconscious in waves of patterns like our pattern in the angelic grid. We need to decode the patterns so that we may transform ourselves. As we heal we are able to dive into the depths of these secrets to understand and help others along our path. Our job is to heal the planet. We heal our old self and our old patterns that we carry on from life to life and that allows us to go into our next phase of development. Now is the time enlightenment is our true nature and being and these are some exciting times ahead of us! Buckle up your seat belts its our time to shine!


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